Self Defense


Originally I had planned on selling self defense products (such as pepper spray and the like) on this part of my web site  but I decided to better serve my visitors by giving (and allowing) reviews on classes and real world experiences that you or I have been involved with.

If there was a class that you have personally taken that you'd like to review or if you have had a real-life experience that you'd like to share (don't send a story about a friends' ex-girlfriends step sisters dads cousins brother-in-laws dentist) , please send the information to me and I will put it up on the webpage for you.  Please send me your story or stories in plain text (ASCII) NO HTML please.  Send to    Also- I'd like your input on what to call this page.   Please submit your ideas to me.  The name needs to be short, exciting and to the point.

Understand that by submitting a story or review you are responsible for the accuracy and content.  Park Cities Tactical will not be held liable for any false, manufactured, incomplete or incorrect content.   Also know that by your submission, you are allowing Park Cities Tactical to publish your work(s) on this web site.

Thanks and enjoy the reviews!!


"Englishman" and "Rick Deckard's" review of The SIG Academy (submitted 06/24/03)

Edster's Review of OPS Southwest Dynamic Tactics Course (submitted 11/05/2001)

Stephen's review of SDSI Tactical Handgun (submitted 06/16/00)

Stephen's review of SDSI Tactical Carbine Class (submitted 06/06/00)


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