HK Shoot

June 23, 2000

Tac-Pro Facility


Here are a few pictures from our impromptu to HK Shoot at the Tac-Pro facility just north of Stephenville, TX.  Special thanks to HK's Jerry, to the gang at Springbok, Inc. and Burford Arms for organizing the event and to Tac-Pro for the use of their great new facility!


Goods-01.jpg (99808 bytes)


Here are some of the goodies Jerry brought with him.   This is only one of the three "pads" full of HKs.

This is the MP5 Station.  Several flavors to choose from including a PDW and my personal favorite - the MP5 SD.  My electronic desk top stapler is louder than the SD.


Jerry-01.jpg (51264 bytes)

Jerry-02.jpg (48948 bytes)


The above two pictures are of Jerry (HK) demonstrating the G36K in full auto.


SD-01.jpg (64209 bytes)

SD-02.jpg (70060 bytes)

SD-03.jpg (70351 bytes)


The three above are pics of yours truly shooting a UMP.  Full auto selected.


SD-04.jpg (73446 bytes)

SD-05.jpg (62009 bytes)

SD-06.jpg (63331 bytes)

SD-07.jpg (59478 bytes)


The above four pictures are of me shooting a G36 with the Dual Combat Sighting System.  Very cool addition to the G36.  Full auto was selected for these pics.  Below is a picture and some blurb on the Dual Combat Sighting System.

dual_site.jpg (52210 bytes)


SD-08.jpg (70343 bytes)

SD-09.jpg (71993 bytes)


MP5 SD - My favorite.  Maybe the SD was named after me?!?  Maybe not.  Once again - full auto was selected.  It was a full auto kind of day.