Park Cities Tactical Custom Holster Showcase
Matt Del Fatti


Lou Alessi


Milt Sparks

I have long prided myself, my Bulletin Board Members and Moderators for carving out a great little corner of the Internet to get together and discuss the finest handguns on the planet and, more specifically, the P7 series.

The P7 is truly a niche' pistol, not mass produced and not owned by the masses.  Such a pistol deserves only the best in a holster.  I am proud to present a Custom Holster Showcase featuring three businesses dedicated to custom holsters.  The custom leather trade is a rare breed and a true art form and especially appreciated by the P7 owner who only want and expect the very best.

The first in the Showcase is Del Fatti Leather Del Fatti Leather is a one man custom shop specializing in handgun concealment leather. Matt Del Fatti has been creating custom holsters since the late 1970's and has seen his business grow from building gear for fellow law enforcement officers around his state to a customer base that includes people from around the world. Matt runs a true custom shop and will stray away from more conventional designs and work with you to create the absolutely perfect holster for you. A fine gentleman and craftsman, it is my honor to have his Showcase here for you. Please follow the link to Matt Del Fatti's Showcase to the left. 

As many of you know, Lou Alessi has truly captured the hearts of P7 owners everywhere with his CQC/S and CQC/I design.  When I first received and broke in my CQC/S, I instantly knew that there was a heaven on earth.  Another true gentleman and master craftsman, it is my pleasure to have his photos here.  Please follow the link to the Lou Alessi Showcase to the left.

Quick story about my Milt Sparks holster... I called up Milt Sparks Holsters to order a Versa Max 2 for one of my USP's.  After being told that they had a 8-12 week wait - I prepared myself to order the holster and just sit by the mail box.  10 minutes later I saw a posting on a gun auction site with an M13 for sale with a Sparks VM2.  This M13 belonged to Tony Kanaley at Milt Sparks! Was this my day or what?!?   I immediately called Sparks back and spoke with Tony Kanaley.  Two days later I had a wonderful P7M13 and a Versa Max 2 holster!   Since then I have been a bigger fan of Sparks' holsters and goods.  The Versa Max 2 is heralded as one of the best IWB holsters bar none.  A great guy and gentleman, it is once again my true privilege to have his photos here.  Please follow the link to Milt Sparks' Showcase to the left.

ISP-WR and SMsm.jpg (17644 bytes)
Del Fatti ISP-WR and SM



p41.jpg (8196 bytes)
Alessi CQC/S

VM-2_sm1.jpg (13431 bytes)
Sparks Versa Max 2