So, Just who Are We?


Aaaah, the question that has been burning on the lips and in the psyche of Americans and people all over the world.

Well, I'll try and explain the who, what, where, when and why here... meanwhile I'll try not and dispel the 'mystique'.  Yeah, right.


Park Cities Tactical started off as a joke between a friend of mine and me.  We both grew up in a section of Dallas that's rather affluent and is known for high morals and high standards.  This is also the one place in N America where there is the highest per capita ownership of Suburbans, Expeditions, Excursions and other gigantic 'Soccer-Mom' (a.k.a. Urban Assault) vehicles. It also goes without saying that the driver's (a.k.a. Pilots) of these mechanical beasts cannot drive or park them to save their lives!  So we came up with this brilliant idea to start a Tactical Driving School for the Suburban Pilots.... a.k.a. Park Cities Tactical Driving School. 

Yes, it was a JOKE.

Well, not really.  I soon discovered that the above mentioned moms will buy just about anything that will set them apart from their neighbors.  Hmm... the proverbial light bulb lit in my brain... Kevlar Oven Mitts and Level II Ballistic Aprons!

It's a wonder I'm not a billionaire... ain't it?!?

I did some research, cost analysis, etc. and decided that the Kevlar mitts and the aprons were just not terribly cost effective.  Another idea down the tubes...

But I had this dandy web site here.  What to do?

I like guns.  I like talking about guns.  I like shooting guns.  I like reading about guns.  (At this point - still no light bulb)... Bunch of guys have gun-related web sites and bulletin boards...  I own a few guns... DUH!  Start up a web site with Tactical Equipment AND Guns!

Such was the birth of Park Cities Tactical as we know it today.  I am always looking for new and exciting paths to follow, things to try and share with my Bulletin Board Members.


The GEG-9


OK - so what's the deal with the GEG-9 pages?

I hate to say it - but it was another joke.   The same buddy mentioned above and I were tooling around Dallas discussing the weather, boxers vs. briefs, Ginger vs. Mary Ann when we started discussing the British SAS and the German GSG-9 Counter Terrorist Teams.  Being a fan of both the SAS and GSG-9 we decided to join the GSG-9... however there were a few minor problems:

Binned the idea of joining the GSG-9... but why not start up our own CT Force?  Hell, if they can - why can't we?  Right?

Well, first off, we needed a name.  GSG-9 was taken (obviously) so we settled on GEG-9.  Why, you ask?  Uh, well it seems that we both used to call each other 'girl' from time to time (all based upon watching certain ethnic women shopping in the malls referring to each other as 'Giiirrrrrrlll' - still cracks us up!) so we thought that calling our CT Team GEG (Girl E Girl) seemed most fitting.  The -9 was borrowed from the real CT Team. We decided, in a Glasnost move, to incorporate the SAS whenever we could to help 'balance' out the GEG-9 Team...

When it came to weaponry, the GEG-9 spared no expense.   Our 'Kit' was primarily HK and Glock with an assortment of AR's, knives, etc. being allowed on our "Missions"... a typical "Mission" consisted of having a burger at one of the many local burger joints, then heading to the range to eliminate paper targets and make the world a safer place.


To access the Uber-Secretive GEG-9 pages just follow the GEG-9 link and enter in the following:

Username:  tactical

Password:  girl

The user name and passwords MUST be in lower case.


That's about it - nothing really more to say on the subject.

As always - thanks for visiting and enjoy yourself.