The 2001 SHOT Show

New Orleans, LA

January 12-15


Here are a few pictures from the SHOT Show.


misc_hk01s.jpg (37739 bytes)

This is the "Traveling Version" of the mythical Gray Room back at HK Sterling. 

Sorry for the glare but as you can tell, this collection was behind glass.


clear_usps.jpg (39926 bytes)

Here's a picture of a clear frame USP 40F


orange_usps.jpg (44645 bytes)

And one in orange.


p9s01s.jpg (54267 bytes)

Here's a P9S in .45 ACP.  Pretty stud!


expert_40_01s.jpg (32639 bytes)

Here's an Expert in 40 S&W.  Notice the "Jet Funnel" magazine well for those speedy reloads!


benelli_m4s.jpg (30057 bytes)

Here's the Benelli M4 on the rack.


gl_benellis.jpg (47112 bytes)

Here's our own GLENN modeling the M4.


sd_benellis.jpg (45866 bytes)

Yours truly with the M4.  Note the "TACTICAL" Mardi Gras beads ;-)


pdw_02s.jpg (30023 bytes)

Aaahhh, the PDW with the stock retracted.


pdw_03s.jpg (22632 bytes)

And here's the PDW with the stock extended. 

Sorry for the dark picture... my heavy breathing was fogging the lens!


gl_pdw_02s.jpg (40627 bytes)

Here's GLENN with the PDW.


sd_pdw_01s.jpg (23169 bytes)

And me with the PDW.


socoms.jpg (35979 bytes)

Here's a Government Model SOCOM


ump_01s.jpg (29718 bytes)

And finally the UMP


Thanks to the gang from the HK Booth for the 'behind-the-scenes' look at the cool stuff.